Oh, Hello There…

Well friends, you’ve found me. Here I am on the internets, doing silly human tricks. A ham, I am, and I love showing off my human tricks such as bendy contortion things, spinny silky things, or bruisy circle things.  No one ever told me I can’t be a contorting fox, so here I am…🦊

I also love friends (psst… that’s you guys… 😇) and I love helping them find happiness through human tricks as well. That’s why I teach. I’m not really sure what will come of this blogging deal-io here, but I imagine I’ll use it to show you more of my tricks, tell you about how you can achieve said tricks, and I haven’t ruled out turning this into a live feed of me eating. We’ll see. Thanks for reading this thing that I wrote. I love you 🙂

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