[Modeling] Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis Photoshoot

Photography by Teddy Lee @teddyleephotography

I had such a fantastic time modeling for Minnesota photographer Teddy Lee (@teddyleephotography) as well as my wonderful friend and photographer Kyle Olson (@knockedoutfilms) shooting in the famous Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis!

This theater has so many great little nooks to shoot in. But, more well known, is the Amber Room. The Amber Room is like a magical dream box that overlooks the Mississippi river and has beautiful views of downtown Minneapolis.

I absolutely love the Amber Room and all of its dreamy beauty!

Here’s a little behind the scenes with Teddy Lee:

And the final product….

Here’s another behind the scenes shooting with Kyle Olson:

And how the pics came out!

Look up these awesome photographers on Instagram (@knockedoutfilms and @teddyleephotography). They’ve both captured such beautiful dance photography, portraits, circus arts, and more. And make sure to check out the Guthrie Theater when you’re in Minneapolis!

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