[Training] Alien Bridge Contortion Pose

My favorite ways to train contortion at home is by using sequences. I generally warm up by rolling around on the floor, moving slowly through various shoulder rolls, incorporating downdog/updog movements, spinal twists, and gentle nerve glides. During my warm up, I begin form sequences that incorporate dance elements, high-low transitions, and extreme flexibility/contortion pose end points.

The Alien Bridge (pictured above) is a popular contortion pose. In the past I haven’t been a huge fan of this particular pose, but today I decided to incorporate it into my contortion sequence (video below). Turns out I am enjoying the pose more and more. Of course I’ve sandwiched it in with a variety of other go-to contortion poses I love such as handstands and cheststands.

Annnd, let’s all just take a moment to observe my sassy leopard print bodysuit. Because rawr 🙂

Try it. Maybe you’ll love it too! ♡

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