[Modeling] Sexy Contortion Cake-smash

Cake, birthday cake, cakesmash, cake sitting
Photography by James Gross @jamesgro2199

It was such a wonderfully fun and messy time shooting this video and stills in Minneapolis with Cyril James and James Gross! 👑🎂

I wanted to do this shoot in observation of my 30th birthday. I’ve been excited about turning 30 for quite some time now. Basically by the time I was 26 I was just rounding up to 30. I couldn’t wait. Like my position as an adult in this world would be solidified. I would finally get the respect I knew I deserved. I would now be seen as someone with the knowledge and life experience to be trusted and appreciated. I still don’t know if any of these dreams of being 30 are actually accurate in any way. All I know is that I’m 30 now. And I still love it.

James Gross has a beautiful photography studio in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is known for his incredible photography skills. I’d previously worked with James on a super cool Star Wars themed shoot with my beautiful friend Kayley (@kayz0rbeam) as well as a mermaid/rain machine shoot. I knew James was the perfect artist for this shoot.

For the videography, my lovely friend Cyril James. Cyril and I have shot many videos together, including a couple of really amazing music videos which I am so grateful to have been a part of. I always enjoy the collaborative process with Cyril.

A couple of bendy, cakey behind the scenes videos below:

A couple of things to remember when choosing a cake you plan to sit on:

No chocolate cake! It’s gonna look like poo.

No green frosting. It’s gonna look like baby diarrhea.

Bring an extra cake, just in case.

I was prepared with two whole sheetcakes. I wanted to make sure that if we needed to get more shots of the cake in pre-smash condition, or if there was some kind of accident where I slipped and fell into the cake prematurely, or dropped on my way to the shoot that we wouldn’t be SOL.

If you are going to smash a cake all over yourself, some other things to note:

It gets slippery. So be careful!

And crumbley. Those little doughy crumbles get blown around and you will probably be finding them in your studio for a while.

Your clothing/undergarments will smell like frosting even after rinsing and wringing them out, and multiple washes in the laundry.

Budget plenty of time for cleanup. Just getting the cake and frosting off of your skin can be quite an undertaking. Let alone getting the mess off of everything in the studio.

Cake smash, cake sitting, cakesitting
Photography by James Gross @jamesgro2199
Photography by James Gross @jamesgro2199
Cake, cake smash, cake sitting
Photography by James Gross @jamesgro2199

And the video by Cyril James @cyril.james.films:

I can’t wait to do something even weirder for my birthday next year!

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