[Training] Rebelious Contortion Training in Jeans

Contortion Bridge, Active Flexibility

Some days training comes so easily, others it’s a bit of a battle between the body and mind. This day was totally effortless. And it was amazing.

Above is a screengrab from my sequence. This particular contortion pose took a lot of time and training for me to develop. It requires a lot of thoracic (upper back) active flexibility. I’m also opening up through my hip flexors, and externally rotating my femurs to achieve this one.

In general, I encourage contortion students to make a habit of keeping the femurs internally rotated (so the kneecaps point forward, not outward). This assures that you are not dumping into the low back and hips, and actually training the middle and upper back at your endpoint pose. That said, externally rotating/turning out opens up lots more space for movement- and I definitely do not have a hard rule against it.

As always, training by using sequences is a great way to smooth out transitions, develop choreography, and train endurance. Above is a video of my sequence from this day.

Speaking of video, I almost always train with video. It’s a great way to check your work. I have heard contortion students say many times while reviewing their own video, “oh wow, I really thought I was bending more than that.” Video will not lie to you (as long as your camera is set at the appropriate angle). It provides accurate feedback for what your end range flexibility is, and how smooth your transitions are. It can also save you from awkward-looking movements that felt really cool when you did it, but did not actually provide the desired effect.

Below is one last squishy snap from today’s training. I love cheststands. And I love the feeling of my bum squishing my bun 🙂

Contortion cheststand, pancake pose

Happy bending, babies!

For in depth personal training and private instruction, email me at cheryl@arrowfitnessmpls.com

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