[Training] Aerial Contortion on Lyra

Lyra love 🖤

Aerial hoop, lyra, Cheryl Birch
Photography by Terence O’Donnell @imagesbyod

Back on that hoop! I’ve included a couple of aerial contortion sequences from my training at the Las Vegas Circus Center.

(Video above) Combination of forward folds/frontbends, backbends, and splits while rotating around the hoop.

The next clip below is another dynamic sequence incorporating even deeper contortion poses. I’m kind of obsessed. Or really obsessed. 🙂

Lyra in particular is a fantastic apparatus for flexible people to incorporate their skills. When I was a kid, training contortion at Circus Juventas (St. Paul, MN), one of the first things directors said to me was, “We’ve gotta get you on a hoop.”

Even so, flexibility is not a requirement for lyra. There are many dynamic drops, releases, rolls, and spanset work that are quite dazzling.

These particular sequences are a combination of intermediate and advanced level Lyra movements. But remember, all movements generally have modifications and progressions so you can create a totally unique sequence by simply modifying the movements of an existing sequence to showcase your particular skills best.

As mentioned before, I almost always film while training. Many of my favorite sequences have been the first or second thing I do on the lyra or hammock while warming up. My mind is fresh, the pressure for perfection is low, and I am truly tuned into my uninhibited artistic state. I never want to forget my first spin of the day, so I always record it 🙂

If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule an online/Skype/phone/live consultation, lesson or workshop with me. Email cheryl@arrowfitnessmpls.com

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