[Modeling] Contortion, Smoke, Paint, and Pupper in the Dry Lakebed

Amazing photoshoot in the dry lakebed in Las Vegas!

Firstly, I was so excited to work with Las Vegas photographer Jenny Winslow @jaydub_photo ! She was so sweet, had so many amazing ideas, and came fully prepared with all sorts of smoke bombs and powder paint.

We shot in the dry lakebed. I’d never been there before and the experience of driving my little Honda Fit through this massive sandy, rocky space was so surreal. It had rained the other day and there was actually some spots of standing water.

Playing with pup, Archie (above). 🐶🐕❤

And I finally got to shoot in this awesome suede two piece with fringe from DollsKill!

So excited to see the photos!

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