[Modeling] Boudoir On The Strip (and a little contortion for good measure)

Bodysuit, lingerie, boudoir, Las Vegas
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography

Little boudoir session with CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography on the Las Vegas strip!

Bodysuit, lingerie, boudoir, Cheryl Birch
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography

I absolutely looove this white bodysuit I found on Etsy. I shop on Etsy because you can find so many handmade, totally one of a kind items, and most importantly: support small business owners and artists.

And, this suite at the Encore Hotel was so flippin’ beautiful! Stunning views of of the Las Vegas Strip, right next to tons of awesome clubs and dining, floor to ceiling windows… absolutely gorgeous!

Contortion, handstands, flexibility
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography

CJ Sama was fantastic to work with. He was prepared with a vision and many ideas as well as open to my own ideas and input as a model. I could not be happier with these beautiful pics.

Bodysuit, lingerie, boudoir
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography
Needlescale, standing split, contortionist, Las Vegas
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography

And of course I enjoyed a good stretch as well. Because why wouldn’t I?

Bodysuit, lingerie, Las Vegas views, boudoir
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography

As a female athlete, I’ve always made a point to demonstrate athleticism and strength in my work. For some time, I only wanted to shoot fitness and dance photos. I wanted to be clear with the world that I am an athlete first. Over time I’ve gained comfort in embracing more sensual styles of work. And I love my softer side just as much as I love my powerful side. Even more, I love creating art that shows both.

Boudoir, bodysuit, lingerie, Las Vegas hotels
Photography by CJ Sama @cjsamaphotography

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