[Performing] Shows in Minneapolis and Duluth

Such an awesome weekend of performing with my circus fam, Enticing Entertainment. First we went to Duluth, Minnesota for a pirate-themed production. It was so much fun driving out with all of my wonderful circus friends.

(Above: myself during rigging and rehearsal in Duluth)

Large production shows are just so much fun! We had stilt walkers, dancers and swashbucklers, tap dancers, color guard flag crew, aerial anchors, aerial net, contortion, sword fighters, handbalancing and duo acro, live music, and an enormous pirate ship. The venue was beautiful and the crowd was so excited.

(Above: Playing and warming up with friends in Duluth)

After an incredible show we headed back to Minneapolis.

Then I performed my favorite mirror ball/disco ball act at The Machine Shop in Minneapolis. Again, you may recall me saying this before, but let me just remind you: there are literally only a few of these oversized disco balls in the world and just a small handful of people who have the skill and opportunity to perform on them. I’m one of them. And that is an amazing feeling.

Getting comfy in this beautiful greenroom. And getting a little warmup in too. 😉

This show was amazing. The crowd was gracious, and I absolutely nailed all of my choreography. It was such a fantastic weekend of shows. I couldn’t be happier. ❤

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