[Modeling] Contortion and Lounging in My Underwear

Contortion, lingerie, underwear, lounge furniture
Underwear Contortion

So, a little bit of backstory on this shoot: it was originally supposed to be an outdoor video shoot with Cyril James (@cyril.james.films) where I am Winnie the Pooh… unfortunately, the weather in Minneapolis has been quite uncooperative. It was super rainy and unseasonably cold today. So we had a last minute change of plans. I was feeling Fiona Apple vibes, so I channeled themes from her music video “Criminal” and decided to roll around in my underwear. Obviously sprinkling in (or saturating) contortion.

Contortionist, underwear, lingerie, lounge, furniture
More Underwear Contortion

Because I’m not about that “pants life.”

This co-working artist cooperative space on the north end of Minneapolis was so neat! I can’t begin to describe it. It was just really friggin’ cool, friends. I can’t wait to get back in there!

While posing on the edge of the couch here, I noticed a lonely orange crayon just laying there on the floor all by itself. I really had feelings about this. I decided it needed a few friends… So I grabbed a purple crayon and a green colored pencil to keep it company. Strategically placing them close to each other 🙂 Yay friends!

Playing around with Cyril. #casual living room handbalancing. No big. 😉

Cyril is such a fantastic artist. I can’t wait to see how the video and stills come out! ❤

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