[Performing] Downtown Minneapolis

Oh, I just love performing at The Pourhouse, downtown Minneapolis! This club has such a great, high energy, party atmosphere! I always feel like such a rockstar doing aerial shows between Some Shitty Cover Band’s sets. I was expecting things to a little quiet downtown due to Memorial Day Weekend- but it was nothing of the sort. Jam packed with party animals, birthday boys, and bachelorette parties.

I prefer performing aerial sling/aerial hammock (vs silks) here because I can spin the entire time, and don’t have to risk dragging the silk tails on the floor, over dirt and spilled drinks. I can do just as many awesome drops on the aerial hammock, but with more spin. And I’m all about those dazzling spins 😉

…but Lyra is my girl. I love the aerial hoop, and I like to think she loves me too. People always ask me about my favorite circus act to perform. Between all of my skills (contortion, partner acro, handbalancing, silks, hammock, lyra, special apparatus/mirrorball/waterbowl) I’d say lyra is probably my favorite. But it’s so hard to choose!

And obviously I also love getting glammed. This awesome two piece is from iheartraves.com

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