[Modeling] Hanging by the Train Tracks in Las Vegas with Eric Bradley @mvrkmedia

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Funny little story about how this shoot began:

Eric Bradley @mvrkmedia and I went down by the train tracks to snag some sweet sunset photos. When we got there, there was a group of people shooting what I assume was a music video. No problem, there are miles and miles of tracks. We set up a little way down the line, left some space for the other group. Somehow they ended up making their way all the way down to where Eric and I were getting set up along the tracks. They continued filming as they walked the tracks all the way to the point where they were standing literally between Eric and I. Lol. Then walked back the other direction. Fucking weird. Hahaha. Once they finally got about a hundred and 50 yards away again, I dropped my pants to change into my bodysuit. Then realized that they were still filming in our direction. So now my full moon is in the background of their music video. And I want royalties. Thanks.

I also have a story about this chair. As you’ve all probably noticed, I love using props and the environment around me to pose, climb on, and make shapes. Well, sometimes you find a gross chair in the Las Vegas desert surrounded by broken glass and cigarette butts and you just know the universe wants you to climb your half naked self on top of it and assume the risks involved because you’re gonna get a really dope shot. So that’s what I did. And that’s my story about the chair. It’s not really a story. But I know there are some super sick shots coming 🙂

And I climbed on this thing which was basically a circus person’s dream come true.

Las Vegas Contortion, travel Photography, contortionist, ravewear, rave fashion, fashion boots

First preview snap shared to IG above!

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