Aerial Hammock + Lyra



Cheryl uses the aerial hammock to teach strength, flexibility, acrobatics, choreography, and theatrical skills. Some students enjoy the empowerment of building upper body strength, or gaining flexibility they never knew they could achieve. Others are hungry for new tricks, transitions, and acrobatic combinations. Some of Cheryl’s students even take their skills to the stage and perform on the aerial hammock!

Cheryl teaches fitness and flexibility at The Aviary, holds special aerial acrobatic workshops every few weeks, and runs a four weeks intensive Bootcamp program three times a year at The Aviary (


Cheryl’s first love in aerial, Lyra, has a special place in her heart. She teaches private lessons on Lyra primarily at Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio in Minneapolis. Contact Cheryl directly at to arrange a private lesson, or check out the website (