Contortion + Handbalancing 


Contortion and flexibility training allows gymnasts, dancers, figure skaters, aerialists, and acrobats to maximize the aesthetic appeal of their art. For those most passionate about flexibility, contortion is all about extreme bending, and is a highly regarded traditional art form.

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Flexibility training is safe and effective when supervised by knowledgeable and experienced trainers. Eliminate the guesswork, the risk of ineffective stretches, stretching movements that may be dangerous or detrimental to your training goals. Teacher Cheryl will help you monitor progress, help you recover safely, adjust training based on individual needs, and gain flexibility fast!


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Many gymnasts, yogis, acrobats, dancers, and contortionists seek to take their skills to the next level by adding handstands to their repertoire. Handstands are an incredible display of strength, body awareness, and focus.

Handstand beginners often become discouraged, injured, or waste time on ineffective training techniques. Handstands use the entire body, and place pressure on parts of the body that are often unconditioned for supporting one’s weight (such as the wrists and shoulders). There are many ways to prepare your body for this kind of activity, as well as methods for targeting areas that need more development.

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There are many artful ways of incorporating hand balancing skills into gymnastic, dance, and other acrobatic routines. Let Teacher Cheryl show you how!

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