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Bend it Like Birch Acro-Contortion Workshop (Sunday, July 16th, 12pm-2pm) at The Aviary WEST:

This workshop is designed to progressively teach the art of contortion in addition to basic tumbling and acrobatic skills. Students will increase flexibility, muscle control and fluidity of movement to create unique poses and tumbling skills.

**This is a non-aerial class and you do not have to be a student at The Aviary to attend it.

Must be comfortable performing a bridge/wheel pose or have pre-approval from Cheryl to attend. Contact Cheryl at cheryl@flyfitfun.com to request approval. SIGN UP ONLINE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! www.flyfitfun.com

Peanut Party With Teacher Cheryl (Saturday, July 22nd 10am-11am) at Dollhouse:

Gain flexibility by using your peanut roller to relax knotted muscles, release sticky fascia, and massage out achy lactic acid. Peanut Party is a 1 hour full body squish session guided by Teacher Cheryl. All you need to bring is your beautiful smile and your peanut roller (approximately $12 on Amazon).

Sign up online to save your spot www.poledanceminneapolis.com

Bend it Like Birch Intro to Contortion Workshop (Sunday, August 6th, 1pm-3pm) at The Aviary WEST:

This two-hour workshop will warm you up, take you into deep stretches, exploring contortion poses, active flexibility, as well as myofascial release for flexibility and recovery! You do not need to be a contortionist to attend!!! Sign up at www.flyfitfun.com

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